While you are familiar with, Adobe Flash Player was abandoned in support of HTML5 on any Android device. As that is surely not a ghastly thing, there are immobile several realistic Adobe Flash Player users. Thus we are going to explain you (how to manually install Adobe Flash Player) on your (Android device). It is a quite easy method.

Requirements Installation of Adobe Flash Player to Android device

·         Android device running 4.1 Jelly Bean and above
·         Download the APK app file:click here
·         File manager installed on your Android device (such as appinstaller, ES file explorer, etc.)

Instructions How to Install How to Install?

How to Install Adobe Flash Player to Android device

1-Go to Settings->Security and make sure the “Unknown Sources” box is checked on
2-Afeter this Go to your file manager application, and locate the APK file you downloaded (If you copied it over from your computer, it will be where you copied it to but if you downloaded it will be in the “Downloads” folder)
3-Select the APK file
4-Press Install button
5-Go into your web browser
6-Go into the settings of your device
7-Check that plug-in are enabled
Great that is it; you have productively installed Adobe Flash Player onto your Android Device. We are very glad to visit this trick: How to Install Adobe Flash Player on All Android Devices.

Adobe Flash Player

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