Oh! Life

It is the fashion nowadays to bewail poverty as an evil; and pity the young man who is not born with a silver spoon in this mouth; but I agree to president Garefield's doctrine that the richest heritage , a young man can be born to is poverty.I say what it is that class from whom the good and the great will spring.It is not from the sons of the millionaires or the nobles that the world receives, its teachers , martyrs its inventors , its statesmen , its poets or even its men of affairs.It is from the cottages of the poor that all these spring.

We can hardly read one among the few immortal names who were not born to die,who have rendered exceptional service to our race , who had not the advantage of being cradled , nursed and brought up in the stimulating school of poverty.

People talk about poverty as a great evil , and it seems to be a common belief that if people had plenty of money , they would be happy and useful and get more out of life .But the real fact is that there is more real satisfaction and contentment in  the humble cottages of the poor than in palaces of the rich. And it is for this reason that from the ranks of the poor so many strong , eminent ,self-reliant men have always spring.If you read the list of the immortals who were not born to die , you will find that more of them have been poor.

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