"How sweet and beautiful is the Moonlight night when the silver lighting moon is high". A moonlight night is most beautiful aspect of Nature say it good night moonlight. It can hardly be equalled  by anythings.The whole earth appears to have been changed in to heaven by the bewitching light of the moon lamp.
moonlight night wallpaper

Good night Moonlamp moonlight


Every object seems to glow with radiant light.The moon floods the earth with her bright silver bright.Absolute silence adds to the beauty of this night.All plants,flowers and leaves of bushes and trees are snow-white.The grassy plots ,rectangular and smooth,looks like fields of snow.The cool,clear water in the swimming pool reflect the beautiful moon.Cottages which appear ugly in the day time wear a romantic look in the beams of the moon.

Moonnlight and moon light river!

Moonnlight makes a beautiful thing more beautiful moon light river.Moonnlight enhances the loveliness of a lovely thing and river.
The burnt grass and bushes lose all trace of their withered condition.Under the flood of moonlight they look as beautiful as a poet's dream of fairy land.

moonlight night wallpaper

Lite the nite of Moonlight Night tour!

When the moon lamp is full,ordinary buildings look grand in light of the moon.Forests are beautiful by day, but even more beautiful by night like. Equally beautiful is the spectacle moonlight ocean descibe on moon light facebook.A white silvery sheet stretch a far before us.No less beautiful is the sight of the sky with its numberless stars and beautiful moon.Moonlight nights have been a source of inspiration to the poet of all ages,monuments by moonlight night tour .

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