Courage and Truth Lead to success 

Courage is a mental state.It is an affair of the sprite.It gets its strength from spiritual and intellectual sources.Courages is of two types:Physical courage and moral courage .

1-Physical courage is an emotional state which urges a man to risk injury or death.
2-Moral courages is a reasoning attitude.

It enable a man coolly to stake his career,happiness,his wishes,future on his judgment of what he thinks right.Moral courages is higher and a rarer virtue then physical courage.A moral coward will not do the right thing because he is afraid of others.Courage is principal and main element of character of personality .The courage that one shows in the endeavour to do one's duty,to suffer for truth and to help others is more heroic then the achievements of physical valour.

 Courage according to Great men of History
Great men have the courage to seek and speak the truth.They are bold enough to be just and honest.They have a will power to resist temptation.

SOCRATES was given poison to drink because his teachings were not liked by people.
GALILEO was imprisoned because he said that he was against the common view.
MUHAMMAD the HOLY Prophet (may peace be upon him)was tortured because he preached the worshiped of one God.

But no one of these brave and strong men gave up the truth and show their courage.We must possess strong bodies,but strong minds are indispensable for a noble and heroic character.such men represent the moral force of the world.They are the enemies of fraud ,lies and oppression of mankind.  
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