A Magnetic device ..  we use it every day every where every time .. with out any problem. Yes it is mobile phone  that change our life style,our conversation style and our living style.It is very useful device for all of us.It is great invitation of science and technology thousand kilometers away a person listing to your voice clearly .. it is not a wonderful.Well done .. "Alexander Graham Bell" invention of telephone in 1876 in the age of 29.Today people cannot imagine life without mobile.


There are many advantage of mobile phone.When I and my friend go for shopping, I go one direction and my friend go opposite direction and we call each other for gathering. 
We can hold on and catch people anywhere any time.If you need any help,people can approach you to your call.
We became connected with our family every time.
We can connect internet check email updated  news and market information that useful to  increase business.
To remove boredom and changing  mode to listen FM receiver,favorite music, watch video songs ,comedy and play games,make move and take picture by mobile camera.Mobile phone memory card can used as flash.We can stored our important data in the memory card.
There are many useful features in modern mobiles like daily iary,phone book,timer,alarm ,clock,watch,Bluetooth,calculator,reminder,flash light and much more.
Market access and communication with businessman became easy and faster due to mobile.It is very useful in emergency.It is a little expensive but let's people stay connected.


If there ,give us luxury and comfortable life due to this wonderful device , create some social and  other problems.
People can hold  you everywhere any time.Mostly young girls ran away with their boy friends help of this devilish device.The mobile phone disturbing us in peaceful places like hospital,libraries and formal meeting.
Mobile camera mostly misused.

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