No Knowledge greater then Knowledge.

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The Bible says,"wisdom strengthens the wise more the ten mighty men who are in the city".It means that a man of Knowledge is more powerful than a man of physical power. Usually people think brute power rules the world.But a little thinking shows that it is a Knowledge that rules the world.A man of Knowledge exercises a great influence upon others.He has the Knowledge of the objects around him.If he is a scientist , he studies phenomena of nature.He can chain the mighty forces of nature and enlist them to human service.A man of Knowledge understands his fellowmen and judges and guide them rightly.That is why it becomes easy for him to lead  and convince them for his any propose .He inspires more confidence in others than an ignorant powerful man.In times of danger , the man of Knowledge proves himself to be a man of resource.

Lastly, such a man Knows himself,understands himself.There is no Knowledge greater then Knowledge of self.Knowing oneself means mastering one's passions and controlling one's facilities.These give a man immense power. So,the men of Knowledge have always achieved wonders.Today all the world admit it that all the progress in any field came to appear due to knowledge.In modern age man lives in  more comfortable,more reliable and has all luxury of life then the man of the cave.It is all impossible due to Knowledge.A man of Knowledge can produce and invent new things for all mankind .

The Holy Quran  emphasizes to get Knowledge and investigate the cosmical mystery .A men of Knowledge subdue the moon and open new way of progress and informations.It is only a Knowledge to convert world in a global village in the shape of information technology.But unfortunately,mostly people of the world are unqualified because of poverty and war.  
Finally as result of new control over the environment ,the conception  of man's place in the Universe has also changed by the power of Knowledge.
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