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Natural Beauty,Mountain and Lack

How I spend my last weekend and got peace from Nature

Last weekend I was much busy in my office and I have many problems in office in this case I was in great tension. When you are earn small and live hand to mouth daily your children demand ice cream ,your wife demand any useless thing but you could not provide these little things to your family what your mind think about this. So, I was disturb in office and home and want some peace for mind relaxation, start to search the place where I became fresh.
So, this weekend I was in valley with my family , we are very excited children became very happy to see large trees and monkey on trees ,huge and green mountain , flowing showers ,zig zag road ,beautiful flowers here and there .
I was in valley alone now my children and wife was in hotel. I was feeling great pleasure there ,I sat on the rock and now I could listen singing birds ,whose are singing sweet song around the huge trees .There are greenery and greenery everywhere , lack of water was very clear like mirror and so sweet .The flowers are singing love songs and invite everyone for love .there message is "Love biggest Love and make this world paradise" .there where many kinds of flowers in many lines ,different colors, different fragrance , different sizes looking so innocent, art of Nature. Many Kinds of Butterflies in allegation colors where showing their Love with them.
Green grass ,singing birds ,smiling flowers ,giant and greenery mountain, sky touching trees, musician water , gathering and playing of different animals like monkey, all these Nature of things where made the whole atmosphere dreamy ,peaceful and paradise.
There was whole peace everywhere all things of Nature are peaceful .I felt that I was in Haven. 
Now my mind became relaxed , I was feeling peace ,clam and peaceful and decide to return back .I was ready to face new challenge of my life that appear of next time.
When I became sad then I remember that glories moments that I spent between the Nature and my mood became some good .I always say, that Nature can change our inner season.
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